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About Me

Director & Editor

I have always loved films.  I found emotional and creative inspiration from watching and studying films.

During my Undergraduate degree and the University of Kent I was first exposed to Film Production and design.  Expression through this format seemed natural and enjoyable.

After University I became a runner at Maidstone Studios before finding myself as an edit assistant for a resident production company.  

After years of editing I ventured to London and joined a production company/independent studio becoming an editor and camera operator.   I enjoyed shooting and being an editor first I knew what shots would make a sequence and story.

It wasn't long until I was directing shoots working with top brands and charities from concept to creation.  Gaining experience all over the world with different cast and crew.

A thirst for travel lead me to up and leave for Asia, a place I had tasted but wanted to experience more of.  I left to travel for 6 months immersing myself in the culture and beauty of several countries.

Upon returning I went straight into freelancing as a director and editor working with production companies, creative agencies, charities and brands to create engaging online content, adverts and documentaries.

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